Change Language English/Chinese Yincine L8 Bluetooth Portable Combination Headset / Headphone

I bought this Yincine L8 Bluetooth Headphone some months ago, one of the best headsets I’ve ever used: specially while I was riding.

It supported connecting multiple devices simultaneously as well. Like when I was listening to a music or any tutorial on my PC I could still receive phone calls on the same bluetooth headset (Yincine L8). It was fun riding with two phones and receiving calls of both the phones on same headset.

Reading numbers out loud when you received a call was much appreciable. I could know who was calling without having to take my phone out of my Jeans.

Suddenly my headphone started speaking Chinese and now I was all lost. I couldn’t know if the battery was low, or if my phone was connected to this Yincine L8 Bluetooth Headset. However, it was not so difficult to know about the connections though. I even could know few Chinese words :). The real trouble was listening to the dialing number. It spoke all the numbers too in Chinese.

After looking for several methods for so many days and trying several fixes like pressing and holding volume up and down at the same time and several other recommended features of Bluetooth devices of other brands, I finally figured out solution on my own.

How to change language to English/Chinese in Yincine L8 Bluetooth Headset / Headphone?

  • Step 1: Turn the bluetooth off in all connected devices (Phones and Computers) or simply disconnect Yincine L8 Bluetooth Headset from the device
  • Turn the bluetooth headphone on pressing the power button
  • After you confirm disconnection from all the connected devices, click the power button three times consecutively and you will get a message “English Language Selected” if it was in Chinese and same message in some Chinese if English was selected.

That’s all about switching between Chinese and English Language in Yincine L8 Two in One Bluetooth Headset.

Note: I am not sure if the next language selected is Chinese.