How to be a good web designer?

Web Designing can be thought as the easiest task in the world, something like eating a piece of cake, but…

Web Designer
Web Designer

Hardly does any book explain you, what you need to do to be a web designer. Neither do any books guide you through each and every concepts you require to be a good web designer.

The very first thing you need to have is the eagerness in being a web designer. When you are eager, you automatically get equipped with all you need to be a perfect web designer. Google, the god of programmers and developers is the most important asset you would ever have.

Web designing is not about completing the course of HTML or CSS or any other technology. Its changing every day. Every next day we come to hear about some new technologies.

Being a good web designer is not the matter of a 10, 20 or 30 day web designing course. You need constant dedication and experience over a long period of time on designing website.

However, years of experience you may have, but still you are learner, in case of web designing as new technologies are emerging every now and then.

Here I present my basic understanding on being a good web designer.

Make Friendship with Computer

One of the most important part of a web designer is the friendship with the computer. You need to feel happy when you are in front of your computer. You need to be happy with the key arrangement on the keyboard and the way the mouse is. Arrange the files and folders withing the computer efficiently. Be ready for solving general computer hardware related issues and be comfortable with installing and uninstalling applications (software) in your computer, be it any software, device driver or any game. Anything you do on your computer is taking you to next level.

Better play some games that require a lot of time sensitive clicks and a lot of immediate typing like Sniper Games, GTA Vice City or Pro Evolution Soccer.

Do a lot of Word Processing

Word Processing activities like typing and setting a book, question papers, thesis document, letters, application etc plays a very important role to make you a good web designer. After you are familiar with the visual interface for working with page settings you are prepared for coding the similar concept using web designing technologies like HTML/CSS.

All word processing activities you carry out while preparing books or other documents is going to guide you towards designing a website efficiently. A website is just the book on web opened from several computers and devices around the world.

Start loving to play with colors

Colorful; Word itself sounds so beautiful. Something very attractive and catchy. While at the same time wrong combination of color may ruin the whole concept you want to present to your visitors.

Perfect set of color used in a website is what makes the website beautiful and readable.Color decides the beauty and usability of your website. I’d rather prefer buying a book and studying it than reading a webpage with distracting colors.

A good web designer should have a very good understanding of color combination. It needs a lot of research on taste of users of different kind. A entertainment website may expect some hard, dark and bright colors while blog or informative website expects light and readable color. Similarly the choice of color for different concepts may vary from one another.

Make Fun of Photos

Next crucial element of a website after color is photo, that makes a website, WEBSITE 🙂

Proper selection, cropping and arrangement of photo in your website in coordination other elements (text and boxes) makes a lot of difference in how a website looks and whether or not the visitor will be interested to visit your website again.

You need to have good knowledge of pixels and image quality while designing a perfect website. Your experience on graphics applications like PHOTOSHOP, FIREWORKS, ILLUSTRATOR etc may decide, whether you can be good in designing website or not.

I love PHOTOSHOP, while there are several other graphics software that may be important to prepare graphics to be used on your website.

Start loving codes

The complexity of any task depends on your attitude towards the task.

Every difficult task seems CHOCO FUN, when you change you change your attitude towards the task from, “It’s Difficult, I wouldn’t be able to do it.” to “Wow! Interesting, I am loving doing this”

As you are going to code every basic idea in your mind while designing a website, you need to start loving codes and their structure. Basically no any language would be as easy as web designing language. While developers around the world are still dedicated to make the language more easier, readable and user friendly. Introduction of HTML5 and CSS3 has taken web and web designing to the next level

Practical Approach

Millions of lines and pages of books would value nothing if you haven’t tried to apply it yet, while once you apply it, you be clear about hundreds of concepts in single run.

Apply every small piece of knowledge you acquire from any sources in real life practically. Once you apply a concept, it generates hundreds other concepts. In order to be a good web designer you must have already tried every small concepts in real life application. You need to understand the way the tags and attributes function in HTML rather than use particular tag for particular purpose.